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  • Barnaby's Cafe
    Casual high quality. Enjoy with friends.
  • Tecate Mexican Restaurant & Cantina
    Totally taqueria, without excuse, but with all the hallmarks of good dining. Great authentic food, friendly staff who are at play while at work and a experience of both comfort and satisfaction. Try it out.
  • Shade
    One of the jewels of the Heights. Good food. Good service. Great wine.
  • Prego
    Prego. This is a great spot in the Rice Village. One of a few restaurants in Houston that always hits the right note. Houston has a great Italian tradition in restaurants and this one does not disappoint.

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I sincerely hope they have the right fellow. I share the concern that there is no known record of this guy being a "firebug" in the past, but perhaps that may yet come out. Whoever the arsonist for our area is, if they have the wrong man, he's just cocky enough to ensure that we find out soon enough. I hope this is the end of it....I'm tired of worrying about exit routes out of my home nightly prior to going to sleep.

it's not the end of it.My house got set fire tonight. I wasn't home and neither was my day who got a call that fire was set to his house. Luckily not THAT much damage was done, making my neighbor who called 911 a hero. My brother and his care taker were home and asleep. You probably saw this on the news tonight...they need to catch him, this is horrifying.


I am so sorry.

Jean's comment above about him being cocky rings so true now.

You are right, this is horrifying.

As to feeling at threat in your own home.. I think this is something that middle class people don't understand about the poor. The poor feel that way all of the time, and that is part of the reason they approach the world in a wholly different way. And I can testify that preventing crime in poor neighborhoods is not really one of our society's main goals, and those who are better off go one blithely unaware of what it is like for the less well-off. To be fair, many of the poor are the reason their own neighborhoods are so dangerous.

Blaire, I am so sorry about the fire. We heard the sirens...we live only a couple of blocks away. I was getting my daughter to bed when the trucks sped by. My daughter just looked at me and said.."they got the wrong guy." She was unable to sleep most of the night, worrying about whether someone was hurt (we saw the ambulance go by) and how we would get out of our little place in case the freak hit our home. It's worrisome that this doesn't match his MO exactly...Blaire's house is nice, and was occupied. If it's the same person, he's either getting more vicious or clumsy. If it is someone else, we have worse problems than we thought.

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