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Places to DINE

  • Barnaby's Cafe
    Casual high quality. Enjoy with friends.
  • Tecate Mexican Restaurant & Cantina
    Totally taqueria, without excuse, but with all the hallmarks of good dining. Great authentic food, friendly staff who are at play while at work and a experience of both comfort and satisfaction. Try it out.
  • Shade
    One of the jewels of the Heights. Good food. Good service. Great wine.
  • Prego
    Prego. This is a great spot in the Rice Village. One of a few restaurants in Houston that always hits the right note. Houston has a great Italian tradition in restaurants and this one does not disappoint.

Places To EAT

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So excited! Love Pink's and Dragon Bowl ... this is just what we need in the Heights!

Jodie, I could not agree more. I told Ken the same yesterday.

Pink's is hands down the best pizza in town-- I am super psyched to find out what Ken plans to serve for breakfast!

Oh! So excited! I live just down 11th and have driven by that shopping center all while they have been restoring it and HOPING that something so great would end up there. Can't wait to try it out! And thanks so much for this site - I just found it and am a HUGE fan.

Do you know when it is going to open? I wish we had more places like that in the Oak forest area - actually I wish we had some! There is Doyle's and lots of chinese and mexican, but it's sorely lacking.

I noticed the "hiring all positions" sign, so I hope that means they'll open in September. It has been very difficult to find a restaurant in the Heights open for all meals 7 days a week, so this location is sorely needed. I especially appreciate the "small town prices". Not everyone can afford to eat at the likes of the American-style restaurants over on Studewood. Thank you, Mr. Bridge!!

I wish it was still a drugstore...

I hear ya DAni! Oak Forest/ Garden Oaks REALLY REALLY needs a place like this....not tthat the new shopping center in at 43rd and Ella would be a good idea...

Very excited about this!

Tried it today and can't recommend. Upon opening the door, we were greeted by burnt bacon smoke that filled the diner. Menu was limited and rather expensive for what you get - $11 bought three eggs, bacon, toast, and potatoes. The food was OK but not appreciably better than the same plate you can get at Denny's for $5. Yes, there is a premium for ambiance, but Lola's is way overpriced.

That's unfortunate. I will give Ken a few weeks to work out the kinks before going in.

first of all, the building never "fell into disrepair" as stated. It simply sat vacant.
the building's art deco design was restored. (as much as possible)
it used to be a car dealership and repair shop. then at some point is was a S&H Green stamps redemption center.
not sure when Eckerd's moved in there, but they were there for years. I shopped there over 20 years ago.
We went to Lola's this past Saturday with kids in tow. We didn't even sit down as it was so sterile and not conducive to children.
Very sterile and not warm and welcoming.

Will try again another time.

Stopped by Lola's on a whim last weekend for dinner. Waited 25 min for the duex and a CFS. Horrible, all of it. Steak over-cooked and mushy at the same time. How is that even possible? Mashed potatoes so over done you tasted the starch. Asparagus so bitter it should have been slapped, not served. As for the CFS, totally unremarkable. No vibrancy, no flare, no taste whatsoever. All this for $30+, and to basically serve yourself because of some kitschy dinner theme? I think not. Final thought: if the staff had even seemed remotely interested in our service, our food, ANYTHING, we might have considered returning. But they didn't, and we won't.

Wow! I am sorry to hear that.

I have not been in since the preview party. Unfortunately, I have heard several other stories like yours.

On the bright side, there are a lot of new restaurants coming the Heights!

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    • PLONK!
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    • Cantina 1308
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    • The Boom Boom Room
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