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Places to DINE

  • Barnaby's Cafe
    Casual high quality. Enjoy with friends.
  • Tecate Mexican Restaurant & Cantina
    Totally taqueria, without excuse, but with all the hallmarks of good dining. Great authentic food, friendly staff who are at play while at work and a experience of both comfort and satisfaction. Try it out.
  • Shade
    One of the jewels of the Heights. Good food. Good service. Great wine.
  • Prego
    Prego. This is a great spot in the Rice Village. One of a few restaurants in Houston that always hits the right note. Houston has a great Italian tradition in restaurants and this one does not disappoint.

Places To EAT

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Just found your blog and this was the first post I read...I had an extremely similar experience at Benjy's- I had been there once before, but hasn't been in a while. I knew enough to know that they are professional and concerned enough to "do something special." They are great at that. I took my girlfriend there on our first date and told them it was my first date when I made the reservation. I asked them for ideas on how to "make the night special." I pre-selected a wine which they brought out without having to ask me (and it was the right wine) and I prepaid for the dinner on my credit card (assumptively adding a nice tip) so we never got a check...

Well the evening was a delight and my girlfriend is now my WIFE!

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“Give the world the best that you have, and the best will come back to you.” - Madeline Bridges

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    Places for Drinks

    • PLONK!
      A Beer and Wine Bistro North of I-10. Scott Miller's incarnation brings classy quality to Oak Forest.
    • Cantina 1308
      Another El Tiempo. This one is the best of the three. A casual neighborhood atmosphere and great fajitas. Plus the legendary 'Rita's.
    • The Boom Boom Room
      One of the few bars in the Heights, this place is clean and friendly and close to home. After just one stop, I believe it's worth another look.

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